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Worksheet 3: Predictive Text EntryMSc Software Workshop, Spring Term 2018-19Designed by Seyyed Shah and Uday ReddyAssigned:

CSCI2110Assignment 3Instructor: Alex BrodskyDue: 12:00 noon, Monday, February 25, 2019The purpose of this assignment is to

Solitaire EncryptionLester McCannEditted Lightly by Andrew RosenFebruary 3, 2019AbstractThis assignment was originally made

SE (M) 2018-2019 Assessed Exercise 1 (10% of final grade) This assessment will involve writing JUnit test cases to complete

The University of Hong KongDepartment of Computer ScienceCOMP2396 Object-oriented Programming and JavaAssignment 1Deadline:

University of LondonComputing and Information Systems/Creative ComputingCO2226 Software engineering, algorithm design and

CS300 Project AssignmentYou have been tasked to work with your group to partially implement the SpaceHunt adventuregame

SE2205: Algorithms and Data Structures for Object-Oriented DesignLab Assignment 1Assigned: Jan 16, 2019; Due: Feb 13, 2019 @

COMP2396B - Assignment 1Due: 12 Feb, 2019 23:55IntroductionThis assignment tests your basic programming skill in Java and

Homework: JSON Exercise1. Objectives Become familiar with the navigating JavaScript JSON objects; Use of JSON.parse parser

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