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Project – Online Grading System

This is the description of the task for the main project for CS108. The project is to implement an online

grading system. Your main task is to develop an information system. In order to do this systematically,

you will need to perform at least the subtasks described in terms of project reports.

This online grading system is a web-based application will be developed using ASP.NET and SQL

Server. The main purpose of this project is to facilitate calculation of the average marks or grades of a

student through online. We can identify a number of key subtasks that need to be implemented:

Student account creation (for teacher): The teacher can create an account for each student. The

teacher goes to a website and enters the student information into the database. The student

information can be the student name, student id and email address, etc.

Management of the assignments (for teacher): The teacher can create an assignment to the

students. An assignment has several tasks or questions, for each question there is a weight

associated with it. We assume that an assignment have 5 questions. We also assume that the

questions are text based. The teacher goes to a website and enters the questions with the title

and the weight for each assignment.

Assignment marking (for teacher): When the students submit their assignment, the teacher can

give a grade as well as comments for each question or assignment.

Assignment submission (for students): The students can answer the questions online.

Summary of the assignment (for students): The students can see the grade and the comments of

their assignments. The system will calculate the average marks and the GPA and display them

to the students.

Bonus: Based on your own ideas. For example, login/logout, variable number of questions for

each assignment, course management, student account management, user friendly GUI, etc.

You will implement this project using the ASP.NET and SQL Server.

The programming project will be an implemented system and described in a report. The report will

include an ER schema, a logical (i.e., relational) schema, physical design, description of the queries and

transactions (SQL and program logic). The grading for the project will be totaled over several modules

as follows.


– Correctness (50%): We will verify the correctness of your program by testing its functions.

– Programming Style (10%): Style and efficiency of your program (comments are expected in the

source code).

– Final Report: The report includes a) design with class diagrams, ER schema, a logical schema,

physical design, description of the queries and transactions (20%); b) the features of your system and a

brief user manual (10%) and c) as well as the code fragments with explanation (10%).

Submission: Send Your Source Codes, DB Files and Report to sllo@must.edu.mo

Deadline: 23:59 31-DEC-2018

(I will send you an email within 3 days when your files are received)


Class diagrams ER digrams


Marking interface:


Summary interface: